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Reporting of Return Voting

How to Report Return Voting

Reporting of Return Voting

Who Are Eligible: Overseas absentees and voters who did not cast their votes at an overseas polling station.

Period of Reporting: February 23, 2027-March 3, 2027

Write a report on return voting and transmit it to the competent Gu/Si/Gun Election Commission.

Overseas voters should visit the competent Gu/Si/Gun Election Commission in person with original copies of the documents required to identify the nationality.

Voting Place

Overseas Absentees: Polling station installed at the voting district having jurisdiction over their domicile.

Overseas Voters: Polling station designated by the competent Gu/Si/Gun election commission.

Voting Methods

Cast a vote on election day at the designated polling station with an identification card.


If it is confirmed that the voter participated in overseas voting after being approved of return voting, the approval will be canceled.

If a voter who cast a vote at an overseas polling station votes in return voting, he or she may be punished under Article 248 of the Public Official Election Act.